HR CONTRASTis not only a play on words associated with the services we provide, but program and philosophy as well.

HR CONTRASTcan uncover the weaknesses in your HR strategy and management. We advise you based on your own self-initiated and systematic HR audit, which we help you strategically derive and then pragmatically and compactly implement.

Together with your HR team, we develop the appropriate "Target Snapshot". We plan and accompany you along your path to achieving an outstanding HR organization. With our support in the areas of HR consulting, training and strategy, this gives you a discernible "HR CONTRAST" that both senior management and employees will recognize as a new and positive contribution for your company's success. Furthermore, they will experience first-hand the valuable support that your HR organization can provide. Recruits will see you as an attractive "Employer of Choice" compared to other companies. The result: increased employee loyalty and commitment.

Who are we? HR CONTRAST consultants are HR specialists with many years of experience who have steadily expanded their HR skills by attaining in-depth expertise, project management experience and methodological competencies. We speak the same language as HR staff and know what works in everyday HR situations and what remains in the "colorful conceptual stage". Cooperation with our clients is always characterized by collegiality, respect and the desire to assist them achieve long-term success. We thus provide a healthy CONTRAST to management consultants with little first-hand knowledge of actual HR issues.

We look forward to sharing our philosophy with you!

With all best regards,

Arne Priess, Founder and Managing Director