Our Corporate Values:

Advice from HR specialists – not management generalists

Our heart is in Human Resources management. We've worked in and for HRM for decades. We know what operational HR feels like and what it means to get new HR processes going successfully – without neglecting any essentials. And because we speak the same language, our clients see us as partners with a common foundation. They have confidence that our additional methodological competence in consulting, project management, training and coaching, paired with profound expertise, provides a valuable stimulus for improving their HR Management.

Your Success is our Goal!

Our aim is not to work with many companies who rely on us only once, but with ones who come to us again and again! This can only occur when our support makes you successful over the long term. This is the commitment we make to you. But we also feel obligated to provide constructive criticism when this better solve the challenges you face.

Strategic and Pragmatic

We know from experience how much strategy is necessary for effective HR work – and when "strategy for the sake of itself" begins. But we do encourage you to pursue strategic orientation if your passion for implementing HR issues has occurred at too early a stage. In the end, this saves valuable resources because it clarifies priorities. This is why we look for the healthiest symbiosis of strategy and pragmatism for your company.